how it all happened

I bet you’re wondering how in the world I came upon this phenomenal opportunity. It was quite by chance. See, I was looking for summer jobs, and I thought nannying might be an ok way to spend a summer. I had been hoping to nanny for my cousin’s children, but last summer I passed up on a chance to nanny for their friends (because I wanted one more summer at home before school), and my cousins interpreted that as me not wanting to move to the city (about 4 hours from home) to nanny. If they hadn’t hired a different nanny you wouldn’t be reading this right now, and I would be spending every week day watching after two rambunctious–albeit cute– little boys.

Since I had missed out on that job, I started looking for alternate nannying positions online, on a site that connects nannies with prospective families. On this site, I was contacted by a representative of an agency in China, wondering if I would consider working in China. I had to think long and hard about it (NOT!), but I replied ‘yes!’ and the whole thing has snowballed from there. What was initially going to be a summer job turned into a 6-12 month cultural exchange experience, in which I will be moving in with a family in South-Eastern China (near Hong Kong) and tutoring their children in english while receiving mandarin lessons and the culture shock of a lifetime.

I’ve done a lot of research on many aspects of Chinese life and how different it is from my western perspective, but I feel like the depth of this knowledge really won’t set in until I’m actually there living it myself. There are a lot of different levels of knowledge, and the highest level can only come from experiencing something yourself. Though you won’t all be there with me (but you’re absolutely welcome to visit! :)), I hope to tell a great story on my blog that will follow my journey over this next period of my life, and tell it with enough detail that you can live vicariously through my posts. I also plan on posting many pictures, which should help with that as well! All the photography on my blog will be done by me as well, so if it’s bad, I apologize in advance, but if it’s good, let me know if you want prints! 😉

Another bump in the whole ‘sharing my experience’ thing: NO FACEBOOK. It will be interesting to take such a long hiatus from the ensnaring world of always knowing what everyone on my friend list is ‘doing,’ but I think it will be good to curb that addiction and I may never go back!

33 days and counting!

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