Spicy frog soup, my first outing, and other new things

Well, my second day here I jumped right into things and ate spicy frog soup. Since then I have had tea leaf jello, numerous types of seafood, duck, maybe pork, beef, and a poor chicken that I saw living only hours before it was on my plate. I have tried many types of exotic fruits (see other post).

Yesterday I left the apartment alone for the first time since being here. It was a great, and really hot/humid, feeling. I walked to the market, about half a mile from the apartment, and awarded myself with some skittles and a Chinese candy I dared to try.


Consensus: the purple skittles are black currant, and the sinky candy is good. They are little star-shaped cookies that taste like blueberry pie. Very good. Today I bought a candy at the friendship store (a big store filled with a bunch of different departments, not unlike a western ‘department store’)

Sour strawberry candy: very good also! Found an interesting type of gum for my brother too, but not telling anymore just in case he reads this post!

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One thought on “Spicy frog soup, my first outing, and other new things

  1. omg! you have to send me some crazy ass candy in exchange for mac and cheese. hahahaha.

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