Chinese foot massages

When you think foot massage, what comes to mind? I envisioned a soak in some herb-infused water followed by a good foot rub down and a lotioning to top it off. Boy did I underestimate the Chinese foot massage. The first Sunday I was here, Iris (the mother), Shirley (an English-speaking cousin) and I all went to get a foot massage. It started with tea and watching tv in lounge chairs in a private room. They brought in big tubs of hot herb water for us to put our feet into, and about 10 minutes later 3 masseuses came in.

We sat on the ottomans as the masseuses massaged our backs for about a half an hour. This hurt a bit, due either to my western roots or the fact that I’ve been sleeping on a bed a little softer than a box spring, but I figured it was for the greater good. We switched back to the lounge chairs and had our feet massaged for about another half hour. This involved the use of a little wooden thing that was poked into my foot occasionally, apparently a massage aid. This also hurt a bit, but I grimaced through it.

Who knew a foot massage could be so inclusive of the entire body!

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2 thoughts on “Chinese foot massages

  1. Sonder89

    Sounds wonderful! Were they masseuses surprised at your ample western feet? Have you seen anyone with bound feet?

    • I think they were just shocked to see a westerner there at all. And I haven’t seen anyone with bound feet, but I also don’t walk around with my eyes on the ground!

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