McDonalds in China

Well, I’ve been to McDonalds 3 times since I’ve been here, once only for coffee. There is one right outside the subway station so its a good meeting place for when I meet with Daniel, who comes from Guangzhou. Of the three times I’ve been there, I’ve tried to order a mocha frappe all 3 times. I’ve only gotten one one time. They seem to misunderstand what I’m saying, even though the McCafe menu is in English. One time I got a plain coffee (I think) and one time I got an americano. Shouldn’t be too hard! But for those who think McD’s is cheap in the US, let me tell you what cheap really is. Guess how much this was? There are 5 chicken nuggets and it would be considered a small soda by American standards.


A whopping 15 yuan, or about US $2.50.

Not too bad for a meal!

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