More new foods!


Sucker from the grocery store: good! I don’t think the clerk charged me for it either. Bonus!


Chocolate bar I thought might have milk in it (I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from) : good! No milk in it, but little crunchy balls like in an American Crunch bar!


Birthday cake oreos: way good! If they don’t exist in the states I might have to bring some home with me!

You may notice that all of these things are candies. This is because a) I like candy, and b) I feel like candy, overall, is a pretty safe thing to buy when you can’t read the labels. I would also try snack foods like chips and crackers, but I haven’t bought any of those yet. There are pretty good crackers here though that the family bought, called Rebisco. Would be the equivalent of soda crackers in the US.

I don’t know if I have mentioned our trip to Hagen-Dazs last week, but it was great to taste western dessert! The time we went for dessert before that I just got vanilla ice cream. The green tea ice cream, mango pudding, and grass jello weren’t looking too appealing. I got cappuchino toffee (or something) ice cream at H.D. and for a 2 scoop it was like 59yuan, or almost $10US! Yikes. Richard said this is because its a western thing and is considered a big treat to have. I will remember this when I get home and can get an extravagant ice cream creation from Coldstone for about the same price. All this dessert talk is making me crave it though, so I’d better stop while I’m ahead!

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2 thoughts on “More new foods!

  1. Cathy Dahlen

    I am ALL over those birthday cake oreos!!! Why don’t we have these here?! No fair!!

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