Cafe in china


This was in a coffee shop in a mall. Would be nice if whoever designed it understood English so he could figure out that the graphic he got online needed to be changed before putting it up, and ‘sample text’ isn’t a kind of coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Cafe in china

  1. Kevin

    I have also seen some funny stuff from the Chinese interpreters. Including potato chips with Olefin in them that had a really unique interpretation of “Diarrhea,” knock off watches labeled “Rolodex,” and a pirated DVD of “Massage In A Bottle.”

    • The movie sounds like something you’d find in The over 18 section of a movie store. I’ve seen lots of funny interpretations too but often while I’m in the car, so I can’t get pictures. Also, wearing clothes with English printing is big, but the spelling and grammar is often way off!

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