Parting ways

Kids, China and I have been talking about a lot, and we think its time to tell you something. It isn’t working out between China and I. Now before you say anything, this isn’t your fault at all. China and I are just at different points right now, and we are having a hard time getting on the same page. This doesn’t change how I feel about China, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I have learned so much since being with China, and have met some wonderful people through my relationship with China. I hope that in the future, China and I can try this again, hopefully with more successful results. Right now the best thing for me is to move back in with University. It is where I feel most at home. I know you kids are probably angry, confused, and hurt, but again let me emphasize that this is just between me and China, and it is a mutual feeling. We just want each other to be happy. You probably have a lot of questions, and those can all be answered in due time. What is most important now is that I will be returning to the states next week to prepare to move back in with University. It would really mean a lot to China and me if you showed your support during this transition period.

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One thought on “Parting ways

  1. brian

    Does that mean I get my suprise sooner?I cant wait to see what you bring me!!!!

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