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Off-beats by Dre and other shopping treasures from today

Today I went to a shopping center and spent my day browsing around. By request of my sister I was seeking out fake Dre beats. Well, I found em. A bit flimsy feeling, but the sound was pretty good and the price was right. For 80RMB (~12USD) one can pretend they actually shelled out the cost of real Dre Beats, which probably run at about 6 times that. The kind people even gave me an iPhone bag.


Also today I bought some more weird candies for my little brother. Generous, I know, but watching him eat the strange flavored things will be SO worth it! :p

I also got myself a lovely backpack.


And this was all at this mall:

Wait, that logo looks familiar, right? That my friends is because its the logo for the mall of America. Makes sense that a mall selling fake brand items would itself be using a logo (probably) illegally.

Also today I saw (sorry, no pictures), a bus driver shaving his face at a red light.

And for those who can’t afford barbed wire, don’t fret! Just put a layer of cement with glass shards sticking out on top of your fence! This my friends is recycling at its finest!

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Made in China: clothes edition

Saw these at a mall and thought it was safe to take pictures of them (I’ve seen other gems but they were on people). English is big here and its fashionable to wear shirts with English letters on them, even if they aren’t words or if they are words used incorrectly. Some examples:



When I went to Walmart last week (not the Walmart I wanted to go to) and with an escort that didn’t speak English (every time I say I want to go shopping they assume I have a list, but I just want to explore a mall and wander by myself, but someone always strongly volunteers to accompany me) in was feeling frustrated, but a kid walked by with a shirt that said ‘show me what you’re working with’ and I lost it, laughing by myself in the middle of the street. Confused Asian kid, thank you. You made my day.

But on the other side of things, I bought my first piece of Chinese clothing (without writing, sorry).


Not too bad! I’m a lot cheaper than I thought, so the only place I’ve been able to find clothes in my price range that I can actually read the price tag of were at a Walmart like store. The belt was broken but the grandmother of the family fixed it for me! I’ve learned that I need to be more generous with the amount I’m willing to pay for clothes (this dress was like 12usd), but its hard to browse and try on when there is someone waiting for me to finish, and the only other times I’ve been at the mall with the whole family, who has done nothing to deserve being made to wait for my indecisive mind to choose clothes to buy. Hopefully I’ll be going to Hong Kong soon, and I’ll be a bit looser with my money and hopefully find some good stuff!

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